Glare Assessments

We determine glare effects of photovoltaic systems

Solar modules can cause reflections that lead to glare or light emissions. We identify these effects (possibly already in the planning phase) and point to suitable countermeasures.

Our Services

Comprehensive glare assessments for PV systems of any size

Simulation-based calculations of glare effects/light immissions

Consultation on measures to mitigate glare/light immissions

Glare assessments for PV systems in the surrounding of aerodromes

Don't let glare jeopardize your project

PV systems must be erected and operated so that the system causes no dangerous and considerably disturbing light immissions.

We conduct glare assessments that present and evaluate the light emissions of a PV plant. The evaluation is based on detailed simulations so that a glare assessment can already be done in the early planning phase. Our expert opinions are suitable as evidence of the expected light emissions or glare effects of a plant in the context of building permit procedures (building application).

The execution of a glare assessment is already recommended in the early planning phase since, in this way, any necessary countermeasures can be taken into account at an early stage. Subsequent modifications to existing installations are usually associated with high costs.

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Dangers for road traffic

In particular, intensive glare effects on surrounding (road) traffic should already be identified in the planning phase and minimized by suitable measures. Subsequent modifications to existing installations are usually associated with high costs.


We also conduct glare assessments, which explicitly consider aspects of air traffic. Depending on the distance to the airport, the visibility of the pilots on the approach routes and after touch-down on the runways are considered in the respective simulation. In this way, any glare effects that may occur for pilots can be determined. In addition, glare effects on the air traffic control tower are also calculated and evaluated if required.

Often, glare effects on air traffic can be drastically reduced by adjusting the module alignment. We can help you determine suitable module alignments.

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