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Status: December 2021



The technical inspections were performed on ground-mounted systems (750 kWp to 50 MWp) and rooftop systems (70 kWp to 3 MWp). These include:

  • Technical due diligence
  • Construction progress checks and inspection of the construction execution
  • Evaluation of quality assurance measures
  • Technical inspections after commissioning
  • End-of-warranty inspections
  • Recurring inspections
  • Characteristic curve and infrared measurements

The PV systems tested are located in Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Hungary.

In total, plants with an installed capacity of 813 MWp were inspected.



The PV systems assessed were designed or constructed in Germany, Turkey, Egypt, UK, Romania, Slovenia, Pakistan, Jordan, Chile, Philippines, and Belarus, Mongolia, and Ukraine. Activities were:

  • Conduction of yield assessments
  • Preparation of irradiation data from different sources
  • Simulation of the PV plant with PVsyst
  • Presentation of forecast results in a report
  • Evaluation of yield forecasts of other experts
  • Conduction of glare assessments
Baufortschrittskontrollen 2 x 50Mwp
Baufortschrittskontrollen 2 x 50Mwp
Construction progress checks in Kazakhstan (2 x 50 MWp)
Technische Prüfung Dachanlage in Sachsen/Deutschland
Technical inspection of a roof system in
Saxony, Germany

About us

We are a network of independent engineers and technicians with years of experience in the fields of photovoltaics and electricity storage.

Dipl.-Ing (FH) Marco Wilke

Expert / Technical consultant for photovoltaics

Marco Wilke is a physics engineer and has been working as an expert in the field of photovoltaics since 2011. After a period as an employee, he has been self-employed and freelance since 2015. The focus is on construction progress checks and technical inspections of roof and ground-mounted systems as well as storage systems and yield assessments based on PVsyst. In addition to PV systems in Germany and Europe, systems in non-European countries have also been assessed.

Certificates from storage manufacturers

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Bofinger

Technical consultant for project development / Expert for photovoltaics

Stefan Bofinger has been working as an expert in the field of photovoltaics since 2002. As an independent consultant, he supports investors and banks in photovoltaic project developments. Stefan Bofinger studied electrical engineering and received his doctorate on the topic of “Energy supply grids with a high proportion of photovoltaic solar energy: site assessment, solar power forecasting, grid integration”.

Max Krug

State-certified electrical technician in power engineering

Max Krug has 25 years of experience in PV. He has developed, planned and brought a large number of ground-mounted systems to construction maturity. Max Krug was in charge of the construction management of several mega-watt plants in Germany, Turkey, Jordan, Slovakia and Ukraine. He can contribute his experience right from the start to the project development, material selection, construction, commissioning and maintenance. In addition, Max Krug has in-depth experience in optimizing plant operation and maximizing yield.

Mathias Röper, M. Eng.

Expert for photovoltaics

Mathias Röper graduated in Environmental Engineering (B. Sc.) and Renewable Energy Systems (M. Eng.). He has been working as an expert in the field of photovoltaics since 2017. His core topics include light immission analyses (glare assessments) as well as technical consultation. In addition, Mathias Röper advises municipalities and companies on photovoltaic concepts to increase energy self-sufficiency.

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