Infrarotaufnahmen vom Generatorfeld

Metrological inspections

In order to prevent yield losses, metrological inspections can help to identify defects at an early stage.

Due diligence

Do you want to take over a solar plant or an entire portfolio? We check the technical aspects right through to the system documentation. We recognize defects for you and assess technical risks.

Construction progress control

We provide consulting during the construction phase and check the construction progress. In this way, defects and contractual deviations can be detected at an early stage and countermeasures can be taken.

Acceptance and commissioning inspection

Extensive testing is essential so that no defects are overlooked during the acceptance/commissioning phase.

Warranty end check

Until the end of the warranty, hidden defects may be displayed and repairs or replacements can be demanded. We help you to make hidden defects visible and advise you on the next steps.

Technical asset management (TAM)

In order to obtain an unadulterated status report for your plant(s), it makes sense to have it checked from time to time by an independent party.

expert's reports

We create reports for:

Yield reports and simulations

We create yield reports and simulations for planned and existing PV systems. We use the established PVsyst software for simulations. A yield report includes the following points:

  • Evaluation of location-specific irradiation values
  • Simulation of the system yield
  • Determination of the performance ratio (PR)
  • Detailed loss analysis
  • Evaluation of the results

Damage report

Damage reports are required for insurance and legal disputes. A damage report includes the following points:
  • Identification, analysis and categorization of the damage
  • Determination of the cause of the damage
  • Quantifying the repair costs
  • Evaluation of damage-related yield losses or reductions

Defect assessments

Defect assessments are equired for warranty and complaint applications as well as for the takeover or assignment of a PV system. A deficiency assessment includes the following points:
  • Identification, analysis and categorization of the defects
  • Analysis of the effects and risks
  • Quantifying the repair costs
  • Determination of possible warranty claims
  • Recommendations for action

Glare assessments

Glare assessments evaluate the glare effects of planned or already erected photovoltaic plants as well as the resulting risks for road users (also for air traffic in the case of near aerodromes). In addition, glare assessments can be used to determine the immission loads caused by reflections on zones requiring protection, such as residential areas.

  • Simulation-based determination of glare effects
  • Risk determination for traffic (road and air traffic)
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of immissions
  • Recommendations for countermeasures

Evaluation of existing reports

We check existing reports for completeness and correctness of the content and summarize the results in a separate report.


Photovoltaic (PV)

We advise you comprehensively on all topics related to photovoltaics, project development and regulations in Germany and Europe.

Energy storage

Shall your PV system be expanded to include a power storage system? Or would you like to integrate a storage tank into your overall concept right from the start? We will advise you on the possibilities and highlight the costs and benefits.

Property energy supply

Would you like to equip your property with PV systems and supply your tenants with inexpensive electricity? Or would you like to implement an independent power supply as a cooperative, tenant association, municipality or business owner? In any case: PV systems can significantly reduce electricity costs and increase the value of your property. Investments pay off usually within a few years. We help you to realize your project.

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